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Spring 2024 - Session 2
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This class is a bit different from our other classes that meet in a specific classroom. This class is about getting out of the classroom, to see new and interesting places around the campus and nearby community.
• Please email Holly Hamilton at hlhamilt@purdue.edu if you are interested in the course after the first date.
• Dr. Joseph Sorell is the instructor in charge of the Campus Connections group. Each week, Dr. Sorell will organize one field trip and one or more informal class meetings to prepare for or discuss that trip.  Please respond to the survey link in the syllabus to help him gauge the interest in each event.
• After you sign up for this class, Dr. Sorell will follow up with you to provide a more detailed schedule and details on how to participate. The times here on GSMU are tentative except for the first few weeks.
• Students do not need to come to every event instead, this class is more like joining a club for the semester—you will be on the mailing list and be invited to weekly events.
Starts Starts: 3/20/2024 8:00 AM
Sessions Sessions: 12
Location Location:
Status Status: Closed
Class Size Class size: 60 seats
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